Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The sofa saga continues

Rob and I were watching one of our favorite shows ("How I Met Your Mother") last week and I was saying how much I liked Lily and Marshall's sofa.   I realize that it is a little strange that I notice decor whem I am relaxing and watching tv, but I will say that Rob said he was thinking the same thing.  

Mostly I love the color of it.  I have been struggling thinking about what color sofa we would get because I really am not a fan of the tan/brown, neutral colors and some brighter colors are too scary for me.  But,  I really like this goldish yellow color.  

I can't find this sofa and if anyone has any idea where this sofa is from, please share!

We were in Crate and Barrel the other day and we really liked The Troy sofa.  I like the lines of it and it seems much more practical.  I think that it would take better wear and tear with kids.  It does come in a similar goldish color and they make a pull out bed version of it which would be ideal for us since eventually, some day (no- I'm not pregnant and not planning to be any time soon) we won't have a guestroom.  

The other thing that is great about Crate and Barrel is that you can pick any custom fabric too for any of their furniture.  You can even buy your own fabric for them to put on a piece of furniture.  

So, there's some more sofa ranting from me.  We're just trying to be very intentional about any furniture we buy in the future so it is important to know what you want!


micah said...

Very smart to get a couch that can also be a bed - wish we had done that :)

I also notice furniture/decor when I watch TV shows! I just blogged about the show "Cougar Town" last week - the kitchen is to die for.

Gwyneth said...

I like that couch and color too. I just took a video of my apartment, with all your decorating help, so you can see it in a few weeks!