Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been in SERIOUS spring cleaning mode around here recently.  I don't know if it is the warmer weather or what.  But something is making me want to throw out junk, take piles of stuff to Goodwill, and spend hours doing crazy things like clean our baseboards.  Yesterday I worked all afternoon on our spare bedroom.  This has always been a place where I put stuff that I just don't know what to do with.  The stuff that you feel bad throwing out, but really never use.  I start to go into panic mode when I get overwhelmed by the amount of this seemingly useless stuff and say crazy things like, "we can have no more children, we have too much stuff".  Of course I don't actually mean that, but it seems like every spring I start to feel the need to organize and get rid of things.  I think this is healthy and good and like the idea of not having so much "stuff".  So I did take some things to Goodwill today and I am ok with the fact that I finally got rid of those shoes that I got 5 years ago and only wore a couple of times.  I haven't worn them in years and won't, so why should I keep them?  I also have learned from this experience that I need to be more careful when shopping.  I need to make sure that I REALLY like what I am buying and am not just buying it because it is $5.  I feel like I do that a lot and I am going to stop.  I think investing in things (especially in clothes and shoes) that are timeless is worth it in the long run. 

What are your thoughts?  Have you been doing some spring cleaning?  Something I REALLY want that will help my spring cleaning endeavors (and my every day cleaning) is THE SHARK steam mop.  Rob listens to me say almost every day how I wish I had The Shark.  Oh, come on,  you've seen the infomercials and know that you loathe it.  I would also like a swivel vacuum.  (ahem, Mom)

Just a side note- I look NOTHING like the above picture when I am in spring cleaning mode, I mean seriously, does anyone?   I look disgusting and sweaty, my hair is a mess, and I am wearing something like a t-shirt and old field hockey shorts from high school.  Is she not wearing underwear?  hmm, maybe this is a risque '50s housewife

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turtle Knobs and Aiden's Room

I wanted to share these adorable turtle knobs that I got from Anthropolgie for so cheap.  These were originally $14 each!!  I got them for $2.95 each!  Of course, I never would have bought them for $14 each- it would have cost $100 but it only cost me $20.


Anyway, I really love how they look on Aiden's dresser.  This dresser was mine as a child and it is in such great condition.  Aiden's room doesn't have a closet so it is great that this dresser has a place to hang some things.  Which is why Rob built this changing table with more storage and rod to hang more clothes.  

Aiden's room, just like all the other rooms in our home have kind of changed here and there, but the basics stay the same- the crib, the changing table, dresser.  I had to add the white Ikea dresser later for more storage for blankets and clothes.  

I made the curtain for the small window and a window valance for the bigger window out of a curtain panel that I bought from Target's Dwell Studio line.

I love the coziness of Aiden's room- it has sloped ceilings, and it is only 10x8.  It is perfect for our baby who is quickly turning into a little boy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

craving warm weather

I am really sick of cold weather.  Today is the nicest day of the week, 60 degrees and sunny.  It is making me crave summer.  I want it to be hot.  No more jackets on Aiden.  We have been having a lot of discussions around here about the back patio/yard.  Here are some pictures that make me daydream about an outdoor living space.  

Monday, April 6, 2009


The wallpaper and frame are finally completely finished.  I love how it turned out.  It is exactly how I pictured it.  It is good to have the dining room project completely done.  It was also a lot easier and less stressful doing it in stages.  I tend to want everything done at once and I feel like this was good for me and makes me appreciate it more.   Here are some pictures of the wallpaper process.   Enjoy...

Here is the wall primed and ready to be papered.  Rob and I measured out a space using a level.  We wanted it to start just above the buffet and go all the way up to the ceiling where the molding is on the doorway into the kitchen

My wonderful mother (an experienced wallpaper hanger) came and hung the wallpaper.  This was a huge help as it would have taken us probably 4 times as long.  I was so impressed with how you can't even tell it is 4 different sheets.  She matched it up perfectly!  Thanks Mom!

The wallpaper is up, but no frame

Next step was getting up the frame.  Our original thought was that we would stain the wood for the frame the same color as the buffet.  However, when we attempted to get that color, it looked bad.  It just looked dirty and I thought that it would ruin the clean feeling of freshness that the wallpaper has.  So we opted to just paint it white, which at first I was skeptical about, but I really like how it turned out.  The reason why I like it so much is that I feel like the frame is barely noticeable, you just see the wallpaper.  I think with the darker frame, your eyes would have been drawn first to the frame, so, it all worked out well and came together.

Here is a picture of the frame pieces that we painted.  Rob helped me A LOT with this project and I couldn't have done this without him!  He got the wood, measured, cut, and got it up on the wall.   (one thing I just realized in this picture is how ugly our patio looks-this will be an upcoming project this spring/summer)

Here it is complete...

One of my favorite things about the wallpaper is that when you are sitting on the sofa and looking into the dining room, you can see the wallpaper in the mirror that is on the left wall!

Well, here you have it!!  I hope that you enjoyed reading about the dining room and that it inspires you to take on a project in your home.

Friday, April 3, 2009

off to the city

So, I know I owe a post about the wallpaper.  The wallpaper and frame are up, but there are still a few small finishing touches needed on the frame.  And I don't want to do a post until it is 100% complete.  Things have been a little busy around here this week and Rob and I are heading to the city today for a birthday celebration.  I am super excited!  Since Aiden was not quite 2 mos. old last year on my birthday, we didn't really do anything too exciting, although of course it was nice because I had our sweet baby boy here.  Now that Aiden is over a year old, I finally feel okay about leaving him (at least for one night).  I am looking forward to the Mates of State concert tonight, comfy hotel bed, and brunch at Parc tomorrow morning.  Also, our hotel is around the corner from the West Elm store- so of course we will be stopping in there at some point.  And hopefully today (although it is pouring rain out right now), we may try and swing by fabric row.  Rob and I love the city and dream of some day living there, but for now we enjoy the times that we get to go and spend time doing fun things, like this weekend.  So, I will leave you with a picture of this book that I would like to help me dream about living in the city.   Have a good weekend!