Friday, May 13, 2011

Project Boys Room

That's right, we're having another boy! And we couldn't be more excited! Except that I can't buy those cute girl clothes, but that leaves more money in the decorating jar!!

I may or may not have mentioned that regardless of what the sex of baby #2 was, we had decided that Aiden and the new baby would be sharing a room. The guest room on the 3rd floor is quite large and can easily accomodate multiple children. We will then turn Aiden's room into a smaller guest room.

I've already decided on a color scheme for the room: blue, orange and green. I just ordered this little scrap pack from Etsy for some inspiration. There will be some sewing projects I'm sure.

I also will be using this crib bedding because I got it for free; I love the shade of green.

I will be painting this dresser (probably green to match the bedding) to use for the baby with a changing pad on top. (sorry about the quality of the pic, it's really old and I had to pull it from the blog)

Yesterday we took an IKEA trip to finally get Aiden a bed. That's right, he's almost 3 and a half and still in his crib. He has never once tried to climb out and he's been happy in it, so we haven't really found the need to switch him yet. With the baby coming and vacations this summer requiring him to sleep in a bed, we thought it was finally time to pull the switch.

Our original thought was to just get a toddler bed. With the room-sharing and space, we thought it would be best. However, when we were at Ikea a few months ago, Rob and Aiden took to this bed...

Even though it is a loft bed, it is super safe for young kids; it's not quite 4 feet high, and getting a thinner mattress, keeps the sides raised. I would have no concerns of Aiden sleeping in this bed. However, the blue/birch color made the decorator in me cringe. There is the option to turn around the blue panels to the white side, but even with doing that, you can still see the blue. I couldn't be convinced of it. Until I found this picture:

OF COURSE!!! We can just paint it white, like I do everything! That looks a million times better. So, that's what we're doing:

Yesterday after getting home and while Aiden was napping, I was able to slap on 3 coats of primer and the white paint to the blue sides. It is going to take awhile to paint all the post pieces, but it will look so much better in the end.

It will be nice for Aiden to have his own little space under his bed while sharing a room with his new brother and the plus side is that once they are older, we can switch #2 from the crib to under the loft! It looks smaller, but it is actually a twin size bed, so Aiden will be able to be in it for a long time.

So, that's what I've come up with for the room so far. It is going to be really tricky over the next few months switching around the 3rd. floor, but I am convinced we can do it and get it all done in time. We will have to get rid of our guest room queen size bed because it won't fit in the new guest room, but, we'll make it all work.

And to end this post I will give some outdoor painting advice: we had this foam stuff left over from when we put down the new floor in the office. It's from Ikea and you get a huge amount (50 feet) for $20. I would highly recommend just purchasing this for outdoor painting projects! It's heavier than a tarp that can blow around and it worked SO well!