Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I am very happy! First of all, it feels like spring is really here to stay. The weather this week is supposed to be gorgeous, and I am loving it! Even though my allergies are terrible, I don't even care, I love this weather!!

Secondly, the office is finally done! Last week Rob and I really cracked down and got it finished. We finished painting, stained the shelves and desk, got them up. It feels so good to have this space actually feel like an office and not just a place where we throw junk.

There is obviosuly still a ton do, but it's the fun stuff. Like organizing! There are some things that we need to get to help with that and to make sure everything has it's right place. I also want to repaint the little dresser and do some little projects like cover the bulletin board.

So, the weather is warm, the office is an office, life is good!

ps. It's really difficult to take pictures in here because it's so small, and the lighting is horrible. So, sorry for the quality of the pictures!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring and happy things

Signs of spring have finally started to show, which makes me a happy person. The temperature hasn't been quite as warm as I prefer, but it's getting there. And once in a while we are blessed with a warm day, like yesterday where it went up past 80 degrees. I brought home some forsythia from my parent's house this past weekend.

My birthday is at the beginning of April and always reminds me that spring is coming! Even though it was rainy and cold on my actual birthday last week, it was a great day spent with my 2 boys. Aiden made me a birthday crown which he was super excited about, and Rob surprised me with this:

I've been wanting this since we started redoing the bedroom (which I realize is forever ago). Now the bedroom is almost complete. Which makes me very happy. All that is left to do is get new covers for the stools that we use as nightsands. I had tried to dye the covers we have, but it didn't turn out well. So, I found a website that sells covers and decided it would cost about the same as making them by the time I bought the fabric. There's also the fact that I just don't feel like taking the time to make them.

The closet/office space is coming a long. But, I've decided to wait and share pictures until it's done. It is kind of a mess right now and realized that it would be better to wait and reveal the finished project (whenever that is- don't hold your breath). I will say that I am giddy with excitement about the organization that the space will provide.

Here is an unexpected project I did last week that makes me SO happy.

Here's why...back when we redid the kitchen, I made new curtains for the windows, which I never loved. There is a lot of green in the kitchen, but when I got the fabric, it was not the right shade, and I just felt like it was too much green and all the different shades were fighting against each other. For the past year, every now and then I would look for fabric to make new curtains, but never find anything that feels just right.

Last week I had this inspirational epiphany to use these napkins that don't get much use since re-decorating the dining room. I love the print, and realized they would look great in the kitchen (notice above how great they look with the bins on the shelves). But, an individual napkin wasn't big enough to make one panel, so I had to add some fabric to the top. I had some gray fabric on hand that I thought would work well. So, the whole project cost me nothing! And, I love it!

Anyway, I know you are probably sick of the apologies, but I am sorry for taking so long in between posts. All I can say is, life is busy, and I have to admit that posting is not the highest priority for me, but I do enjoy it, and hope that you'll continue to check in when you can.