Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pocket Doors!

I was reading Decor8 last week and was noticing on this post how similar the floors of the house were to ours (I love our floors). Anyway, I noticed in one of the pictures that there were pocket doors between the living and dining rooms. (I didn't want to put any pictures from the post because I think they are copywrighted, but check out the post and you will see what I am talking about). Anyway, I immediately said to Rob- we should have pocket doors in between our living and dining rooms! In which he responded, "I know, I have said that before". I have no memory of this conversation. In fact, Rob is always saying that we should knock down the wall between the living and dining rooms.

Anyway, the point is, I now really want pocket doors. It would be nice in the winter to close off the rooms to feel more cozy. Or, when entertaining, you could just go into the living room after dinner, close the doors and not feel like you need to clean up dinner right away.

I feel like maybe at some point our house had pocket doors there. When I researched a little bit online, it said that pocket doors were really big in the 1880s and 1890s. This is exactly when our house was built.

above from Door16

I am pretty sure that we would probably need to hire someone to do this. Rob said that he could probably do it, but it seems really complicated- removing the dry wall, to install the doors inside the walls. But, I think it would be worth it in the end.

I realized I didn't have any pictures of the actual door frame so I had to snap a quick one this morning while Aiden was eating breakfast and watching TV.


Unknown said...

Adam has put in a few pocket doors in his time. :) If you need help or advice I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you about it.

The Jones' said...

thanks Christy :-) maybe we will ask him about it!

Unknown said...

okay...voice of reason or whatever it may be. i've lived with pocket doors (our house in Rockledge). i didn't like how they worked, but loved the aesthetics of them. two houses i'm aware of with lots of children traffic, they came off track, fingers were pinched. BUT, that could be because they weren't put in correctly. At any rate, just my 2 cents. Look forward to seeing what you do and i'm certain it'll be wonderful!!!

The Jones' said...

thanks Lisa! Definitely will take that into consideration if we ever do seriosuly consider putting them in :-)