Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It is officially fall around here.  The air conditioners are out of the windows and the air is crisp outside.  We have been enjoying the cooler weather with walks at Valley Forge and around the neighborhood while leaves and acorns crunch under our feet. 

 I have never really been that into decorating for fall but I figure I should put in more of an effort.  One thing that I have been eyeing up are the mercury glass pumpkins that Pottery Barn had.  However, they sold out quickly and were a little expensive for a 6 inch size.  So, last week I stopped by Home Goods specifically looking for one.  And, long and behold, there was just ONE, sitting on the shelf amongst the other autumn decorations.  So, of course, I knew it was meant for me.  I quickly swooped it up and now it sits in the center of our dining room table.  

Of course we wil be purchasing some real live orange pumpkins for carving this year, but I was telling my mom that I would really like a white pumpkin for our indoor decor.  I was saying that I have only ever seen the mini pumpkins in white and I have never seen a larger pumpkin in white.  Well, the other day my mom called me to inform me that Genuardi's had them for only $4 each.  So, I had her pick me up one.  I hope it stays alive until Thanksgiving.  

As for now, I don't have any other indoor decorations.  I have a couple other DIY ideas that I may or may not get around to.  I do plan on decorating the front of the house with pumpkins and mums that I will hopefully have time to do this weekend. 

What about you guys, do you decorate for fall?  Have any fun ideas to share? 


Steph said...

love it! they have a bunch of white pumpkins at the Growers Market as well. I like the look of those swags of leaves that are like, what, 6 feet long - draped over windows or doorways.

since i don't have a permanent home, I don't decorate for seasons, but you can bet your butt i will once I have a house!

Bethany said...

hey Jen, loved your post about decorating for fall! Aaron and I just got some mini pumpkins for the staircase up to our house and a bright yellow mum that is so pretty! I love fall:)