Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainy day project

If you sew and have some extra fabric laying around, here is a quick and easy, rainy day project for you this weekend (since apparently there is a Noreaster up in these parts).

Recovereing a lamp shade:

We basically have a lightbulb in the ceiling of our walk-through closet, so a LOOONG time ago, I put a lamp shade over it until I find exactly what I want for that space.  However, I was never fond of the shade.  It was a paper shade and I actually ripped off the top layer so that you won't be able to see the design under the fabric.  You could also spray paint it white, but I didn't want to take the time to do that. 

All I did was measure the size of the shade around.  It was about 28 and a half inches, so I cut it at 29 to leave room for a half inch seam.  

I then sewed the 2 ends together ( right sides to each other) to make a tube out of the fabric.

Then,  I just turned the tube inside out, and slipped it onto the shade.  It was a tight fit, but that is how you want it, you don't want it to be loose. 

I then used decoupage glue and just glued the edges to the inside.  This worked well because I could do a coat under and then I did 2 coats over top of the fabric to really hold it down.  I also cut slits in the fabric to wrap it around where the wires are.

Voilla!  A brand new shade

And here it is in the closet.

Hope you have a good weekend despite the bad weather!!


Mom said...

Jen, that shade looks great! I'm sure you inspired someone to give it a try. XO

Lovely Little Nest said...

Very cute and very helpful! Thanks! :)

Any suggestions on my rug dilemma?

Rhi said...

Jen are you ridiculously talented and clever.

Mama Ruth is right....I'm inspired!