Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adding color to the bedroom

I love the color on the walls in our bedroom, and although I loved our all white bedding in the summer, I have been wanting to add more color now that the weather has changed.  I was looking at all of the pillow covers I have and I came across this one that used to sit on our living room chair last fall.  

I realized how much I like this golden yellow with the pale blue walls in the bedroom.  So, I looked at the other Amy Butler prints that had this same color in it and liked this one because it had gray in it and just a little bit of light blue to connect with the walls.  

I found this gray quilt at TJ Maxx months ago and have been checking on it periodically when I would go in.  The packaging it was in was open and it looked a little messy which is why I think it has sat on the shelf for so long.  When it was still there today, after not checking on it in a few weeks, I just decided to buy it.  It is exactly what I wanted and I don't think I could have beat the price - $40 for a King size.  I kept on the white quilt underneath.  

And, here it is all put together.

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same in the bedroom.  

Although, I did find this vase shoved in the back of a closet and realized how well it matched the new fabric.   


Mom said...

The quilt and pillows look nice, Jen. Guess it was meant for you since it sat there for so long! XO