Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turtle Knobs and Aiden's Room

I wanted to share these adorable turtle knobs that I got from Anthropolgie for so cheap.  These were originally $14 each!!  I got them for $2.95 each!  Of course, I never would have bought them for $14 each- it would have cost $100 but it only cost me $20.


Anyway, I really love how they look on Aiden's dresser.  This dresser was mine as a child and it is in such great condition.  Aiden's room doesn't have a closet so it is great that this dresser has a place to hang some things.  Which is why Rob built this changing table with more storage and rod to hang more clothes.  

Aiden's room, just like all the other rooms in our home have kind of changed here and there, but the basics stay the same- the crib, the changing table, dresser.  I had to add the white Ikea dresser later for more storage for blankets and clothes.  

I made the curtain for the small window and a window valance for the bigger window out of a curtain panel that I bought from Target's Dwell Studio line.

I love the coziness of Aiden's room- it has sloped ceilings, and it is only 10x8.  It is perfect for our baby who is quickly turning into a little boy!


Gwyneth said...

Jen, Aiden's room looks so cute. And the turtle knobs are perfect. Does he still have that turtle painting on this door- if so, even more perfect!

Mom W. said...

Jen, those little knobs are very cute. It's great you got them so cheap. It just makes us feel good when we get a good deal! XO

the Jones' said...

yes, Gwyn, he does have the turtle painting you got him on his door. I forgot to mention that :-)

Rhi said...

So cute! Benner and I were admiring those same knobs at Anthropolgie over the holidays. We thought they were adorable but didn't have any knobs in our apartment we could swap them out with. Now I can enjoy them in Aiden's room! (on a blog, far away from LA....still cool though:)