Thursday, April 9, 2009

craving warm weather

I am really sick of cold weather.  Today is the nicest day of the week, 60 degrees and sunny.  It is making me crave summer.  I want it to be hot.  No more jackets on Aiden.  We have been having a lot of discussions around here about the back patio/yard.  Here are some pictures that make me daydream about an outdoor living space.  


Mom W said...

Nice picutes Jen, but keep in mind that those pictures are probably from a consistently warm and sunny section of the country. I especially like the one with the tile floor outside.


Jen said...

yes, I know! Sometimes I think I could live in a warmer climate, and I am sure I could, but there is something that I love about winter and being cozy inside when it is cold out. But when the warm weather starts to give us tastes of spring and summer, then I am just ready for it!! That is my favorite picture too!!