Friday, June 4, 2010

Etsy Friday

I know that Father's Day is a few weeks away, but things are so busy around here that I know I need to be planning ahead. So, I picked out a few things on Etsy that I thought were fun gifts for dad. I know that I always have a hard time buying the men in my life gifts, so hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you are in the same boat.

I thought this t-shirt was so cute, especially for new dads- you can customize the year.

Bathing in Guiness? I know Rob would be a fan!

Rob is not a golfer but I thought this was pretty clever!

I thought these were snazzy!

We are pretty hardcore Phillies fans. To say that we are obsessed would probably be an understatement. We even took Aiden to the parade when he was a baby. So, I know anything to do with Phillies is always a hit. I thought this panaromic photo of the field would be nice framed in an office or in a grouping with other pictures.

And lastly, has anyone seen the Miller Light commercial about the guy getting a beer at the bar and he has a "satchel" or man purse?! haha, I laughed so hard when I saw that. But, anyway, here is a nice "satchel" if your man is confident enough! Or, to just use for work :)

Hope you all have a nice weekend and stay cool!