Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rug saga

The rug in our living room has served us well the past 3 years. We had purchased the shag rug pretty inexpensively, for an 8' x 10', at Lowe's when we moved into the house. I really love the fact that it is soft. I wanted a lighter, neutral rug, and the nice thing with shag is that it doesn't show a lot of dirt. But it is now becomming pretty matted down, and I have to vacuum it a lot and in a very specific way to help with the matting. Below is a closeup, which isn't a great picture but I realize in the above picture the rug looks brand new, but in person it looks a lot worse. I also realize that we definitley don't "need" a new rug at this point, which is why I am in no rush to get one and have been looking around for awhile now.

The other night I had a dream that Aiden peed on the rug so we had to get rid of it. Which shows that we are working on potty training, and that deep down I kind of hate this rug. So, I've been looking for a nicer rug that will last for a very long time. The thing with the living room is that it is a very high traffic area. We have no entryway in the front, so when people come in the front door, they come right into the living room, so we need soemthing that can take wear and tear. It is also obvisouly, the place we hang out the most. The problem is that I want something neutral, and lighter, especially now that we have a darker sofa. But I want something that is going to hide dirt.

I fell in love with this rug from West Elm awhile ago...

I love the fact that it is still super soft and I think that it would hide dirt well because of the darker wool woven into it. It is not very thick, but I think putting a rug pad under it would make it comfortable to hang out on and I think not having a high pile rug is better for high-traffic areas.

I originally thought when we got the new sofa that a square 8' x 8' rug would fit better in the space, but they are so hard to find, and the other night I moved the rug we have around a little bit putting it just under the front legs of the sofa, and I think it does fit better in the space and it almost makes the room feel bigger.

So, I think I will keep my eye on this West Elm rug to see if it goes on sale. We definitely want to invest in a better rug, but the frugalista in me has a hard time buying anything full price!


Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

I really like that West Elm rug! But I hear ya on the whole "frugalista" thing. I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything. :)