Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I really want a George Nelson bubble lamp.

I realize that they are EVERYWHERE, but I just can't help it. I love them. I think I first fell in love back in 2006 when Jessie Randall's apartment was featured in Domino. I love everything about this apartment and have used it as inspiration many times. Here's a picture of her living room with the George Nelson saucer lamp, which is my preferred shape.

I want it for over our dining room table. I realize that the cost is a bit crazy , but I feel like it would be a good investment- we would have it FOREVER, and maybe it would even be passed down to one of our kids, who will hopefully appreciate modern design as much as we do.

So, maybe someday we will have one. The good thing is that Rob is TOTALLY on board with this one, he loves modern design. We've talked about how over time, we would like to collect some of the quintessential modern design pieces, like an Eames chair, or Rob's favorite, Saarinen's womb chair- which I still need some convincing of. Maybe because every time I see it, it is in a bright red color, which I am not too fond of. But I have sat in one and they are ridiculously comfortable.