Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pretty things

I received a set of nesting bowls from the Liberty of London Target line for my birthday from my MIL {that stands for mother-in-law :) }, which I was excited about because I never ended up buying anything myself from the line because Target had sold out of almost everything when it first came out.

But, when I was in Target this past week, they had gotten more stuff in and had a ton of the storage bins. They had the same print that is on the biggest bowl in the set, which I've had sitting on the shelves in the kitchen. I've been liking how the pink looks with all the green. The bins have bright green on the inside too. I've been looking for a couple bins for these shelves since we redid the kitchen, and I thought I would try these out. I thought it would be too florally, but I think I really like them. What do you think?

I also got this sweet vase from Anthro from my girlfriends as part of a birthday gift- they know me well.

I thought this pic was funny because you can see me in the lamp.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


Mom said...

Jen, once again I've neglected to read this decorating blog of your's for too long. Do you remember me commenting on your bowls and kitchen bins when I was visiting you today? A dead giveaway that I hadn't read it for awhile! So now I'm catching up and wondered if you noticed a small reflection of yourself in the little candle holder in the picture above the mirrored lamp. It's pretty comical if you blow it up! XO