Tuesday, April 6, 2010

City Love

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Rob and I enjoyed an overnight in the city Friday- Saturday to celebrate my birthday. It was great. The weather all weekend was gorgeous (and still is). We had such a relaxing time just walking around, going into shops, getting coffee, going out for dinner and ending with bruch at Parc. Aiden didn't join us on this trip- we (I) needed a night away. Although, when we got back I was a little hurt that he preferred "Pop-Pop" over me, but I guess that's better than him missing us terribly while we were away. My mom assures me that he asked about us a couple times, but she may just be trying to make me feel better.

Anyway, we didn't take our camera, so these are pics from the blackberry- so, sorry for the quality.

We stayed right in Rittenhouse, which was lovely. I have never seen so many people in the park. It reminded me of college when the weather would get nice, everyone would just come and hang out on the quad.

And of course, Anthropologie is right in Rittenhouse so we had to stop by.

Although it makes me a little sick that people spend $58 for a t-shirt there, some of the smaller housewares can be affordable. Here's my anthro loot:

Hope everyone is enjoying this weather!


Mom & Dad said...

Aiden really DID ask for both Daddy & Mommy while he was here, but handled your absence well! We were glad you could get away and loved having him. You hardly could have had better weather for early April. The Parc is a fun place to eat, especially without a 2-year old who wants to "get down" 10 minutes from the time he sits down to eat!