Thursday, April 8, 2010

No cost project

When we got the new sofa, we knew that we wouldn't be able to use both of our end tables because there wouldn't be enough room. We aren't quite ready to get rid of the end tables because we like them so much, so they are currently sitting in our basement. Which actually goes against my strong belief not to keep any thing that you don't have plans to use as to not collect a house full of clutter. So, we'll see how long they last down there.

ANYWAY... I wanted something in between the sofa and chair that wouldn't be very deep and that would offer a little bit of storage. Rob mentioned that the small Ikea dresser in the second floor hallway would probably fit perfectly. I had wanted to paint it anyway, so I thought I would paint this one and try it out in the space for a little bit to see how I liked it, and then if I wanted to get another one to put upstairs I could.

I also remembered that I bought these knobs on clearance from Anthropologie last year with plans to eventually use them in our bathroom. But, since there are no plans at this point to redecorate the bathroom, I figured I would make use of them now.

I used leftover paint from the kitchen, so it is actually a very pale gray. I think I might like bright white better, but am not sure. I am thinking that when I get another one I will paint it white and then decide which one to use in the living room and which one to put back in the hallway. It would also be a lot easier to paint before putting it together.

I also moved our end table lamps onto the buffet since we only have space to use one table lamp in the living room. The lamp that was on the buffet got moved to the living room.

So, I used everything I already had, even though I plan to get another dresser to use back up in the hall because we need the storage. But, I wanted to make sure I really liked this first before committing to buying another one. Ideally, I would love a small antique dresser, but you never find those types of things when you are looking, so I think this will work great for now- what do you think?