Friday, April 16, 2010

Etsy Friday

My grandparents built a house in the poconos before I was born and I have so many childhood memories there. Sadly, the house was sold a few years ago, and since then, Rob and I have been talking about the benefits of having a vacation house in the poconos. Rob's family owns a cabin in Maine, which we love, go to every summer- and plan to always do, but it is so far away. So, Rob and I talk about having a pocono house to go to on the weekends in the summer.

We dream about buying land and then building a pre-fab house on the property. It would be a really simple and modern cabin, so I think it would be fun to decorate with a vintage mountain/camping theme.

I thought I would check out Etsy to see what I could find. Lets just say there is an abundance of this stuff- I found so much that I loved, it was hard just to pick a handful to share.

I love these colors together

I would make a pillow out of this fabric

for this stool

Some signs for the kitchen


Carol said...

Jen - I have a wooden folding stool EXACTLY like the one on your blog. Do you want it? Shall I hold onto it for your future cabing in the woods (which I think is a great idea!)? Love you, Mom