Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Forever Home

I've been thinking a lot recently about our home.   Rob and I have been talking about living in this house forever and ways that we can make that a reality down the road with more children.  We love this house for many reasons, but most of all, it has become our home.  

When I think about moving, it makes my stomach turn-the packing, leaving this place where we brought Aiden home to, leaving Rob's garden.  The potential of moving in 5, 10, or however many years, determines my decisions on a project.  For example, changing the light fixtures in the hallway.  It puts a voice in the back of my head that says- "you are just going to move eventually, so why put the time, money, and energy into that?".  

Making this our forever home, kills that voice in the back of my head and takes away the guilty feeling that maybe someday I will paint the shutters and trim on the outside of the house black instead of the brick red they are now because, ultimately, that is what I want.  

Of course, most of the bigger renovation-type plans- an addition onto the second floor, making the 3rd floor into a master suite, adding a mudroom and half bath on the first floor, are all things that wouldn't happen for a long time. But, having a "forever home" mindset has changed the way I look at our home and taken away my guilty feelings on making some smaller changes around here.   


Mom said...

Sorry I am, behind again. I love the pictures you posted. Very creative. How about coming over and helping me with some changes around the Homestead? XO

Carol said...

As you know, Jen, Dad and I still own our first home, our 3 bedroom twin house in Malvern and I am ready to move back into it and simplify! The smaller spaces can still have many possibilities without the overwhelming upkeep of a big house/big yard. Hope your dreams come true!