Monday, June 1, 2009

Outside Room

Now that the outside Patio/deck area is basically done, it is like we added another room onto our house.  The weather has been so nice around here recently we have spent lots of time hanging around outside.   Rob stained the deck, and I finally got around to spray painting the pots white and getting to Produce Junction to fill them with colorful annuals.  Aiden enjoys toddling around the back yard, checking out all the flowers and plants, and chasing Bailey.   An exciting and unexpected addition was the wood stove that Rob and his Dad brought back from their trip up to Maine.  It has been sitting under the cabin for years now and it finally has a home!  We even got to try it out the other night when we had some friends over.  As you can see we still need to put something in the huge metal planters that are on the pea gravel area.  There are still some small things to do, but for now, we are just enjoying our new space.  



Mom said...

Jen, I feel like I've neglected your blog. Sorry. These pictures of your deck are beautiful. You and Rob have done an amazing job of beautifying your home and yard. And in an affordable way. Dad and I are always impressed. XO