Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm stil here...

I know it's been awhile since my last post, considering there was 6 inches of snow on the ground at that time and now it is 55 degrees out.  Things were a little crazy around here last week.  I was sick for a few days and that seemed to throw off my whole week.  I also have recently been obsessed with watching the show Alias.  I know this show was on years ago, but I never watched it at the time and I have been getting the dvds from Netflix, and well, let's just say I am addicted.  This happened around this time last year with the show Felicity, which was also created by JJ Abrams.  I am convinced the man is a genius, however, I really hate the show Lost.  Rob loves Lost and we have decided that I just can't be around when he is watching it because it may result in us needing marriage counseling.   Anyway, I digress....if you never watched these shows, I highly recommend getting your hands on the DVDs.  

Ok, so things have been pretty low key in the decorating world around here.  I need more projects- or people who want help with their house.  But, our new ottoman arrived last week which is exciting.   The coffee table we have had since we moved in is from IKEA, and it was cheap.  Don't get me wrong, it served us well all that time, but I always dreamed of getting a new, modern, really nice coffee table.  But, when Aiden started becoming more mobile, I realized that perhaps a coffee table  with sharp edges and corners is not such a good idea.  It seems like Aiden is constantly bumping his head on things, falling, climbing, etc.  So, I actually got the idea from my in-laws because they got ottomans when they got new furniture last year and got rid of their coffee table.  It seemed like a much safter alternative.  So, I was really excited when I found this great ottoman from Urban Outfitters that seemed to match our furniture so well.  AND, it had storage, which is always a plus.  When I started making plans with the wallpaper, I realized the color of this ottoman seemed to match the wallpaper.  So, I got a swatch which confirmed my thoughts, and a few weeks later, here it is.  I really love it.  I think it looks so great with our furniture and it is not as wide as our coffee table, so it makes the room feel a little bigger.  It is nice to have a place to put your feet up and our only worry was, where do we put our food if we decide to eat in front of the TV?  This doesn't happen very often anymore because we have Aiden, but we do occasionally like to get take out and watch a movie on a Friday night.  But, we realized that this is still doable with a tray and placemats.  The top is not too cushiony so, you can still set things on it pretty well- phew!  Here's some pics.  

and some pics of Aiden to show how baby proof it is.  In the second picture he is actually in mid-fall.  

And to end my post, here is a great deal I found at Target.  This lamp was originally $59.99.  It was on a shelf with a bunch of lamps that were originally that price but reduced to $41.98.  However, this lamp was marked $14.98.  I think it was actually marked wrong, switching the 1 and the 4- my gain!!  


Steph said...

OH MY GOSH. That's so crazy. We totally got a storage ottoman to replace our coffee table of death too! Ours isn't as cool as yours, because you have the magic decorating touch - we just got ours from Bed Bath and Beyond. Just like yours, it takes up SO MUCH LESS ROOM - so we have more room to hang out - it's awesome. And all of Lucy's toys fit in it. Great minds think alike :) Our affirmation came when, as we brought the box in to the house, Lucy fell over and hit her head on the coffee table. Thank goodness we got that ottoman. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!