Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow and Sew

Yesterday was a snowy day here in Phoenixville.  It was kind of nice to feel cozied in our little abode, not feeling any pressure to go anywhere.  So, I decided to take advantage of the snow day and while Aiden was napping, I whipped up some pillow covers.  This Tina Givens Treetop Fancy fabric arrived in the mail over the weekend.  I ordered it off Etsy.  I really like it.  The background is a pale yellow, like the new walls of the dining room.  And there is a little bit of red in the flowers on the wallpaper which the birds will bring out.  I needed something to tone down the sofa a little bit with the patterned fabric.  I had the brown pillow, so I got the blue fabric which I also planning to use to cover the seats of the 2 dining room chairs.  

The blue matches  the wallpaper.  Which, by the way, also came over the weekend.  

The wall is just waiting to to be covered with the wallpaper.  This weekend we may try finding what we want to use for the frame, and measuring out the space.  It will probably be another week or 2 until my mom can come over hang the wallpaper, which is fine.  I am just glad the room is painted.  

I also put the fabric in the frames in the dining room.  I like the idea of our living room and dining room feeling more like a conjoined space.  We are already using the dining room more, which makes me happy.  No matter what your decorating style is, I think it is important to really feel like you can use and really "live" in the space you have.  

I also orderd this fabric which matches the bird fabric, but without the red birds.  I had originally planned on using this to cover the dining room chairs, but it was way too busy.  So, instead I plan to use it to make a curtain for our front door, which I have been meaning to do since we moved in almost 2 years ago.  Our house is 2 steps up off of street level, however if you are walking by, you can kind of see in.  I just have to get a magnetic curtain rod.  I will save that little project perhaps for another snowy day?!

On a completely different note,  we got a new TV that arrived yesterday.  Our other TV was much smaller (20 inches).  This is 32 inches.  I am not "big" on big TVs because I feel like they can be such an eye sore- even a flatscreen.  However, I am really excited about this TV for a couple reasons.  First of all, it is white so that it matches our decor better.  Black would have drawn too much attention.  Also, it is an eco TV.  It uses 44% less energy, which is always a good thing.  We also got it on sale.  I never really felt like we "needed" a bigger TV, but the one thing that annoyed us about our old TV was there was a thin blue line on the left side of the screen.  It appeared a couple months after getting the thing and it wasn't that noticeable, at least to us anyway.  We probably should have looked into the warranty after it happened, but we never did, we just got used to it.  We now moved that TV into our bedroom, and we are glad to have this new TV.  Rob is especially excited, and that makes it worth it to me!  It is funny how huge it seems to me, I can't imagine having a bigger TV that this one! 


Mom said...

I'll let you know when I can come over to do the wallpaper....maybe a week from Tuesday or that Thursday, since your Bible study is this coming week. I'll come on a day I get out early, so there is more time to do it. The pillows look nice on the sofa , and oh, I hear Aiden is quite enthralled with the new bigger TV screen! XO