Tuesday, February 17, 2009

getting the itch

I am getting an itch to start the changes in the dining room.  It may be all the new blogs I have been reading, or it could be that I am just yearning for a project.  I have decided on a pale yellow for the walls.  I ordered the wallpaper last night because it could take up to a month to arrive.  (it comes from Germany, however, it is still cheaper than most wallpaper I have found).  I am really excited about the wallpaper.  Wallpaper is something that I have been wanting to use for awhile, but I am glad I waited to find one that I really love.  The plan is not to wallpaper a whole entire wall, but to frame out a piece above the buffet.  I think it will really showcase the buffet which I am really excited about.  It is such a beautiful piece of furniture.  We acually found it on Craigslist when we first moved in and just replaced the handle pulls on the drawers.  It is in excellent condition.  

This photo was the inispiration for the wallpaper idea.  If you look closely, the wallpaper is framed on the wall.  Rob assures me this will not be that difficult to do.  We will first need to measure out the space and then make sure that we mark it so that it will be easy for my mom to hang the wallpaper in that space.   My mom is a professional wallpaper hanger.  No joke- when I was little she had a small business on the side.   Then we (Rob) will get some type of molding of something from the hardware store, paint it, and then attach it to the wall to make a frame.  The whole idea is that I want it to look more like art, not just a wall covered in wallpaper.

And we should have plenty of wallpaper left over to possibly use in our walk through closet, which is a project we will hopefully tackle this spring.

I think Rob and I may paint the dining room this weekend.  I am really eager to brighten things up.  Even though it will be awhile until we can do the wallpaper, the yellow will be a cheery change for these cold winter days.  


Anonymous said...

Blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combinatiions, so I think the dining room will look light and airy. Thanks for the vote of confidence (professional wall paper hanger). I was a little surprised that you chose a small, delicate print, and I like it. XO

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that maybe you should make a reference to your "decorating blog" on the regular blog, i.e. a P.S. at the end of an entry. I'm wondering if anyone realizes you've starteed it. XO