Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I recently found out that Domino, my favorite magazine of all time, is done- stinkin' economy. This magazine has given me more inspiration than anything else when it comes to design and interior decorating.  Even though I could not afford 90 percent of the things in the magazine, I eagerly awaited this magazine to come in my mailbox every month.  And luckily, I have saved every issue.  (Rob tells me he will put an old issue in the mailbox every month- so sweet :-))

Goodbye Domino- you will be missed!

*on a happier note-check out the blogs to the right that I recently have found and am now addicted to!


Rhi said...

Seriously I am mourning the loss of Domino right there with you Jen. I can't believe they aren't even keeping an online version! It was such a lovely and adored publication, I am just shocked!