Sunday, February 8, 2009

the dining room

I really like our dining room.  There are a couple key things in this room that I am really attached to.  The thing I am probably most attached to is our dining room table.  

We got this table when we moved into our 1st apartment and it was painted pale yellow and sage green with beautiful stenciling.  I loved it at the time, but over the past couple of years, my decorating style has changed to a little more modern.  However, I really love the lines of this table, and it has a very classic feel.  By painting it white, we made it look a little more modern.  We also painted the chairs that came with it and I recovered the seat cushions numerous times.
 These chairs were not in the greatest shape and in need of some serious repairing.  So, one day, I just decided to sell 4 of them on Craigslist and use the money to get these new chairs from ikea.  
I kept 2 of the chairs for 2 corners in the dining room and to use when we have company.  Although, these 2 are falling apart as well, and I will probably replace them some day.  I really like the new chairs because they make the room feel not so formal, and I also don't like everything so matchy matchy.  They give more texture to the space as well. 

The other thing that I have always loved about this room is the color we painted it.  It is one of those colors that can dramatically change depending on the time of day and the light in the room.  And people always comment on it.  However, I have recently been thinking about repainting this room.  (I told you- when I get bored, I change things).  One of the reasons I want to repaint is because I am obsessed with this wallpaper that I found.  

I want to do the wall behind the buffet with a large piece of wallpaper framed out (I'll explain later).   I think this would make the buffet stand out more.  The one thing I don't like about the current color is, it's a little dark.  Since our dining room is in the middle of the house, and there is only one window on the side, it doesn't get much natural light.  I am thinking maybe a pale yellow could brighten it up.  I would keep all the furniture the same and would probably change only the frame wall.  

I had gotten this idea from a magazine which showed it as a cheap way to fill a wall. Other than that, everything else would stay the same.  I also think that painting and doing the wallpaper framing, would make it feel even more informal, which we like, because we want to use it on an every day basis without making an effort to.  This is something that Rob and I talk about a lot- using all of our spaces in our home.  

Something I really want for this room which would go where the frame wall currently is, is a console-that would double as a desk.  We don't have a desk and it is becoming necessary to have a permanent place where I can pay bills, write thank-you notes, blog, etc.  Especially since Aiden is so very interested in the computer and sitting on the sofa with the lap top is no longer an option.  Below is the console that I want.  I am hoping to find it at the Pottery Barn outlet since they sell West Elm.  It has two drawers in the front which would be a great place to keep the checkbook, current bills, etc.  

Ok, well there's my thoughts on the dining room.  Let me know what you think about the wallpaper and the paint color.  I figure, if I don't like it, I can always change it!  Also, check out this great wallpaper website-it is awesome.