Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I am very happy! First of all, it feels like spring is really here to stay. The weather this week is supposed to be gorgeous, and I am loving it! Even though my allergies are terrible, I don't even care, I love this weather!!

Secondly, the office is finally done! Last week Rob and I really cracked down and got it finished. We finished painting, stained the shelves and desk, got them up. It feels so good to have this space actually feel like an office and not just a place where we throw junk.

There is obviosuly still a ton do, but it's the fun stuff. Like organizing! There are some things that we need to get to help with that and to make sure everything has it's right place. I also want to repaint the little dresser and do some little projects like cover the bulletin board.

So, the weather is warm, the office is an office, life is good!

ps. It's really difficult to take pictures in here because it's so small, and the lighting is horrible. So, sorry for the quality of the pictures!