Monday, September 13, 2010

Slowly but Surely

The bedroom project has not been moving as quickly as I had hoped. But, whatchya gonna do? I feel like I should explain how busy things are around here, but you're probably sick of hearing that and I need to stop making excuses!

So, instead, I'll just give you some updates. First of all, the room is painted, we have a new rug, and I rearranged the bookcase.

We love how the paint color turned out- it's a very pale gray- close to the kitchen, but a little bit lighter. The rug, we got from Urban Outfitters on sale for $40. We went there on a whim and it was the only one they had in the white color, so I took it as a sign. And I love it- it's exactly what I wanted.

As I mentioned before, I didn't like how the bookshelf looked before. Much better now! Of course you're probably wondering what happened to all our books- more to come on that later.

I also ordered some Etsy prints for the bedroom. On one of the walls, we have both my dresser and Rob's dresser, side by side, so I decided to do a frame wall above the dressers. On an IKEA trip, we picked up some Ribba frames. The plan was to get the frames forist and then order prints to go in them. I find that it is hard to do it the other way around and then not be able to find frames that fit the art. Especially because I wanted all the frames to be the same.

So, here is what Rob and I came up with. We are also going to order a couple family photos too to add to these.

And, sorry, I couldn't resist this one...

I also have this print that my sister in law got me as a birthday gift from one of my favorite Etsy stores

Sometimes Etsy orders can take awhile to get here, but hopefully I will be able to get everything up soon since I already have the frames.

Hoping to make more progress soon- I'll kee you posted!