Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling good

Over the past few days, I have taken a lot of time to think about a bedroom makeover. I have been gathering lots of inspirations from other blogs, and talking it over with Rob to figure out what we want. I also realize how important it is not to rush into things, so we can make sure we know what we want.

I realize this style furniture is way different than our bedroom, but I just love all the white and gray that is going on in here.

One thing that is hard with our little abode is storage. There is not a lot of closet space, and with 3 bedrooms, we are limited.

I've said this before, but I keep coming back to the fact that we have this little walk through closet in between our bedroom and the bathroom that needs to be used more efficiently. ( I realized it is really hard to take pictures of the closet because it is so small)

Through talking about our bedroom makeover, I realize it would be best to be able to use this space as an office/creative/ place to store things that are currently in the spare room closet. I have always wanted a place to be able to sew, or do the bills. I also want us to be able to have all of that kind of stuff in one place, now it is tucked into little places all over the house. Rob is also going to be going back to school in the fall and I want him to have a quiet place to work. The only problem is that if we don't use it as our closet,we need a place to hang our clothes.

The inspiration on what I want to do with the closet comes easily....

{images from apartment therapy}

But we can't get into that until we have a place to hang our clothes and we are not exactly sure how to make a space for that in our bedroom. We have had bad experiences with wardrobes when we lived in our apartment. We also don't want something extremely permanent in case we try and sell the house some day and the buyers don't get my whole philosophy of giving up a walk in closet.

Enter IKEA....

We would like to do something along the lines of taking one of the walls in the bedroom and installing something like this...

We would install some kind of track system on the ceiling around it and I would make curtains out of fabric, and voilla. But, somehow, I don't think it is going to be this simple.

Luckily Rob is really good at researching the best way to do something like this and I totally trust him to help make this vision work.

We put a time frame on this whole project (since it has now become more complicated than just painting the bedroom) of finishing by Christmas. That includes the makeover of the closet space as well. I am super eager to start, but with all we have going on this summer, we may only get the bedroom painted, but I am ok with that. I really feel like these past few days I have been able to take some time to enjoy what I like to do- getting inspired, planning a project. And along the way I have realized I am not alone in wanting to re-paint my bedroom, even though I like the current color.

We're heading off to Maine this week, so I may not be here for awhile. Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Kim at Yellow Brick Home said...

Wow, there is SO much potential in that closet walk through!