Monday, May 4, 2009

Exterior decorating

So, you all know that my first love is interior decorating.  The way things are around here is that I usually come up with ideas for the inside of the home, while hubby works on the outside (The Garden at 817).   Since we moved in almost two years ago, we have been talking about really sprucing things up out back.   In the past few weeks my brilliant husband built a deck off of our patio.  I don't know how he just does this stuff, with no experience.  It came out looking great.  He even built in a bench.  I love the simplicity of it.  

We got some stain last weekend, which since it has been raining for the past week, we haven't been able to do, but hopefully this weekend.  Then I will start some little projects...

1. spray paint all our planters and pots glossy white and spray paint driftwood stool that we brought home from Maine last summer.
2. go to Produce Junction and get annuals for planters
3. make cushion for bench
4. strategically place planters, furniture, lanterns, etc. around to look good

I got that great outdoor rug for the patio last year from the Pottery Barn Outlet.  We have these 4 IKEA chairs that we also got last summer and hope to purchase a lounge chair at some point this summer so that I can lay in the sun while Aiden frolics around the yard (haha , yeah right). We recently got a canopy type thing from IKEA for only $25 for some shade.  I would also maybe like to get an umbrealla too at some point- the area gets A LOT of sun.

Hubby's list of to dos, (which I will also help with)....
1. stain the deck
2. powerwash concrete patio
3. make little gravel area for grill next to deck (there is this hideous area next to the deck that I hate.  Rob has to break up this slate/concrete, level it out, and then he is going to box out  a little area with pea gravel and this is where the grill will be.  His thoughts were one day when we get central air, this is where the unit will also go- he thinks of everything).  
4. do planters for gravel area

Well, I will have pictures when it is done and we will hopefully be adding things throughout the summer ( lounge chair, etc).  Then we will have a huge party with all of our friends!


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