Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Home

I thought it would be approriate to begin with sharing our home.  Afterall, this is all I have to show of my interior design skills at this point.  I love our home.  It is an old twin home in the small town of Phoenixville.  We were told it was built somewhere around 1890, so the charachter of the home is what really pulled us in initially.  The original wood floors, the wide woodwork, the stone step going into the kitchen (which was originally the back door), the wide windowsill in the dining room.  These are all things I love about this house.  My decorating style tends to be more modern.  But I like cozy.  I think it is important for you and guests to feel comfortable in your home.  The character of our house naturally makes it cozy.  It is not a big house, which is perfect for us at this stage in our life, and even has some room to grow.  On the first floor, you walk right through the front door into the living room.  There is no entry way, which I sometimes wish we had, but I really don't mind.  The living room goes right into the dining room, and then behind the dining room is the kitchen.  On the second floor is just the master bedroom, our only bathroom, and a walk through closet connecting the two.  The third floor has the nursery, which is small, but perfect for Aiden, and the guest room.  One other thing I love is the slanted ceilings on the third floor-making it cozy without any decorating.  Although, it took me awhile to realize that pitter patter sound was just squirrels on top of the roof and not in our home!  So, here are some pictures. I plan on doing further posts about the individual rooms but,I don't want to bore you too much!  

The Living Room

The Dining Room 

The Kitchen

The Master Bedroom

The Nursery (Aiden makes an appearance)

The Guest Room