Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out with the old, waiting for the new

Our new sofa is being delivered this weekend, and our old one is gone forever. So right now our living room looks like this.

It actually hasn't been that bad not having a sofa. The white chair is from our bedroom and is so comfortable, I wish that we used it more. But we won't have room for it down here with the new sofa.

Although I don't want to tell you about the sofa until we have it and I have pictures to show, I will give away that the color is gray, which is one of the reasons I am so excited about it. I felt that our current living room curtains being dark brown, wouldn't go too well with the new sofa. I got some fabric and am in the process of whipping up some new curtains. However, season 3 of Mad Men just came from Netflix and therefore I only got one curtain done. But here is a picture of the fabric. It is Waverly's Cross Section in charcoal.

I will post pictures of the sofa hopefully on Sunday or Monday. See you tomorrow for Etsy Friday!


Rhi said...

New Sofa!? WHAT????

Where did you get the fabric? Maybe they have something for our dining room chairs.

Did you sell your other sofa??

This is big news!!!!