Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you know me, or read this blog regularly, you know that I have been battling with our sofa for quite a while. You know that while I love this sofa, it is not conducive to life with a toddler, (or a dog). As Aiden gets older, it becomes more and more clear that the sofa is not cut out for life with a toddler- especially a toddler boy who likes to wrestle and jump. I will find buttons on the floor that popped off, the cushions aren't as comfortable as they used to be, and although I have done a good job keeping up with getting it cleaned, I will never buy a white sofa again.

I have been trying to find the perfect sofa for quite awhile- online, in stores, and I even thought about just getting a slipcover made for the current sofa. But, I never found anything that I felt really good about. I want something that will fit our lifestyle without compromising our style of decorating. We also don't want to break the bank.

So, all this to say, Rob and I found the perfect sofa. We weren't even trying- it just happened. (ok, I know this all sounds extremely cheesy) But, it does seem like fate- especially because we decided we weren't going to buy the perfect sofa until we sold our current sofa on Craigslist, for a decent price. And one day, when I was feeling frustrated with our sofa, I just decided to post it on Craigslist to see what happened. And 2 hours later, an excited girl from Philly contacted me. And she is picking it up this weekend. And we ordered our new sofa yesterday.

So, we are saying farewell to our beloved sofa. I am a little emotional- this was the first big purchase we made as a married couple and it was with us in our little West Chester apartment, moved into our first home with us, and got us through those long sleepless night when we bought Aiden home.

I'm not going to share about the new sofa yet. Lets just take this time to say goodbye.

(if you think I am a complete nutcase, I understand)


Mom said...

Jen, I don't think you're a nut case (but then you are my daughter)! Your pictures bring back lots of happy memories with your white sofa. It's great that you were able to sell it so quickly.
Even though the white looked lovely, I understand how it can be difficult to keep it looking that way with Aiden & his 4-legged buddy. Time for a litte more practability. xo

Bethany said...

Ahhh! The waiting is killing me...what does the new sofa look like??? Please blog and take lots of picture of Aiden jumping all over it soon!! I could just call and ask, but this blog is much more fun.